4 Seasons

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  • 50/50 Series - Summer 23 - Intro

    Episode 1

    In this series I am looking to go over the 50/50 - specifically, defence from within 50/50 and how to attack from this position. There will be some inverting attacks within this series and so I recommend you check out the solo drills video concerning inversions - that's also available on this por...

  • 50/50 Series - Summer 23 - 50/50 Defence Vs Standing Opponent

    Episode 2

    In this video, we'll look at a relatively simple method of opening up your 50/50 if your opponent has come to our standing position - it’s important to get this right, otherwise you run the risk of being immediately caught in a Heel Hook, and subsequently feeling very daft.

  • 50/50 Series - Summer 23 - Inverting Leglock Options Vs Standing Opponent

    Episode 3

    In this video we're looking at how to invert into two leglock options if your opponent is standing up, whilst still in 50/50 - these options include a relatively basic Saddle option, and an option to move to Backside Double 50/50 (sometimes referred to as the Tony Montana).

    I highly recommend c...

  • 50/50 Series - Summer 23 - Escaping Seated 50/50

    Episode 4

    In this video, we'll look at methods of escaping the 50/50 when both you and your partner are seated. Nowadays, I would generally recommend standing up in order to break open the 50/50 - remember, there are different variations of this escape and you will often find minor discrepancies between di...

  • 50/50 Series - Summer 23 - Double Backside 50/50

    Episode 5

    In this video, I want to take a look at the Double Backside 50/50 (also known as the Tony Montana) and how to enter it from the 90/10 position. 90/10 (also referred to as Outside Sankaku) is a follow-on position from 50/50 and relatively easy to understand, however I would refer you to Lachlan Gi...